About Us

Welcome to the website of the Office of the Academic Secretary of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Our intention is to include in this site all the bylaws and regulations that touch the academic life of the Hebrew University.  We are very close to accomplishing this in our Hebrew interface and I hope that the Hebrew speakers among you can benefit from that. However we have translated only a small part of it to English as the need arose from time to time.  I hope that this face lifting we are awarding our site will encourage us to expand the English part too.


The Office of the academic Secretary assists the Rector of the Hebrew University in implementing the academic policy of the University and in supervising, monitoring, and coordinating the activities of the Academic Administration of the University.


Within this formal definition of its mission and sometimes beyond it, our office handles a wide variety of matters, among them:


The operations of the supreme academic bodies of the University and supervising the implementation of their decisions: The Standing Committee of the Senate; The Senate; The Committee for Academic Policy; The University Appointments and Promotions Committee:


The procedures of appointments, tenure, and promotions of academic staff.


The academic regulations and bylaws of the University


The Authority of Research (Doctoral) Students of the University.


Sabbaticals and other leaves of absence of the academic staff.


International academic relations of the University, agreements with universities overseas and exchange programs of faculty and students.


Administrative coordination of the internal and international monitoring visiting committees.


Administrative coordination of the selection process of the University's honorary doctorates.


Post doctoral fellowships abroad for holders of the Hebrew University’s doctoral degree.


Guiding the new faculty.


Coordination of the absorption of new immigrant scientists


Visiting Faculty and Post Doctoral Fellows


Faculty discipline.


Prosecuting in matters of students' discipline.


Preparation of the academic calendar


Funds, prizes and designated fellowships for advanced students.


Academic degrees and diplomas.





המזכירות האקדמיתOffice of the Academic Secretary האוניברסיטה העברית בירושליםThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem